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Access to Education & Literacy

Access to Healthcare & Mental Healthcare

Access to Workforce Training & Jobs

Why Diana is Running

"I’m the granddaughter of immigrants. My father was an English learner who served in the US Navy and became a computer programmer, and my mother grew up harvesting fruits and vegetables as the daughter of migrant farm workers and became housekeeping supervisor at our local hospital. Springdale is my home, and I have deep roots here.


Our Springdale community is growing and leading the state on so many fronts. For years, so many of us have worked together in this community to strengthen families and schools, and it has been a joy to watch Springdale emerge as a true state leader. My life’s work is access—access to literacy, access to higher education, access to healthcare and mental health resources, and access to quality jobs. I would be honored to serve you and continue that work in the legislature."

-Dr. Diana Gonzales Worthen

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